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Cabling a drain to clear a stoppage may not be a complete solution. Sometimes the cable merely pokes an opening in the drain leaving solids on the interior walls that have built up over the years. The result is a reoccurring problem. Hydro jetting scours the interior of the drain using up to 1750 PSI of water pressure. Therefore, returning the drain to nearly it’s original diameter.

State of the art in-line camera inspection takes the guess work out of diagnosing and correcting most sewer or broken drain problems. It allows us to view the interior of the piping to reveal damaged sections or fittings. Often we're able to offer a repair solution rather than total replacement.

Our electronic pipe location equipment is used to locate clogs in sewers and drains. It doesn't matter where, underground, within concrete slabs or inside walls, we can find it. The location and it's depth can be pinpointed minimizing excavation or wall damage. This is accomplished with the use of transmitters and microphones to locate the blocked sewer or drain and aid the cleanout process for sewer cleaning Los Angeles.

No one responds more quickly than A&B. Usually the same morning or afternoon you call, we'll dispatch one of our experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy technicians. A majority of the products and materials we use are of the highest quality. many of the products are professional grade with enhanced features and warranties.

Proper drainage of a plumbing system is critical to remove wastes from the building and keep it sanitary. A clog in the line must be treated to restore the drainage to the site. Should damage to the drain itself be causing the problem, drain repair or new drain installation will be needed. Only a qualified plumber can tell the exact services required to restore the site's drainage to like-new functioning.

When a plumber encounters a problem with drainage in a sewer, he may suspect that interior drain cleaning or exterior drain cleaning may be needed, but he first must find the location of the problem and determine if another problem, like a broken drain line is not causing the drainage issue. If the exact location of the pipe is not known, an electronic pipe location system may be used. Then an in-line camera inspection is done with a small camera fed down the sewer line. This helps the plumber to find the exact location of the clog or if the drain or sewer itself is damaged, which may require sewer replacement.

Clogged drains once were exclusively treated by being cabled, but this method may create more problems than it solves. For interior sewer cleaning and exterior sewer cleaning, the latest innovation is high pressure Hydro Jetting. This uses water pushed down the drain at up to 1750 PSI to drive clogs out of the drain pipe. Plumbers will also service sewage ejectors, which are used to pump waste through drainage pipes.

Clogged drains require prompt service to avoid waste backing up into areas where people live and work. A professional plumber with the right equipment can clear the drain or sewer of a clog quickly, restoring it to normal operation.