A&B Sewer Service in Culver City

When your pipes burst or your sewer backs up, you want quick and affordable help to come to your aid. That’s why AB Plumbing is on the job to give you a hand. Sewer cleanout and sewer repair can be a pain; fortunately, AB offers these services and more for low rates and high quality of work. The regular sewer repair Culver City offers may not cut it, so it’s important to consider A&B for all your drainage needs.With the ability to hyrdo-jet most buildups out of your sewer lines, A&B is the most efficient sewer cleaning service this side of Los Angeles County. To keep your sewer mains clean, you need regular and affordable service to make sure no backup occurs. This kind of risk requires frequent attention and can often lead to costly bills, but not with A&B. With us, you’ll know exactly how much you’ll pay, before the fact. We believe in speed, honesty and efficiency, no matter how dirty the job is.

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If you’ve ever had difficulty finding sewer repair in Culver City, worry no more. Our 24-hour speedy repair service will be at your door in under an hour after you call. We’ll have the problem located and dealt with within 24 hours, whether it’s a broken pipeline or simply a clogged toilet or two. The average drain repair Culver City provides may not be up to the task, so when your disposal unit quits or you’ve got blockage in your lines, call A&B!

Why wait for whatever slow-to-respond sewer line repair Culver City has locally, when you could trust your sewers to A&B? With high-pressure hydro-jetting, in-line camera inspections, and electronic pipe location technology, our plumbing prowess has other companies all washed up. The best option is A&B for whatever problems in your home rear their ugly heads; simply make the call, and we’ll be there, ready to go!

We service the following zip codes in Culver City:

  • 90230
  • 90232