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Whether you own a home in West Hollywood or a business, keeping the structure’s electrical system up to date and up to code is essential for fire safety. Each year, hundreds of Americans are killed and thousands more are injured by electrical fires. In urban cities like West Hollywood, faulty wiring accounts for 33 percent of home electrical fires, according to the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA). The USFA recommends routine electric wiring checks for both residential and industrial structures.

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Serving the community since 1937, A&B is the company to call when you need an electrician West Hollywood.Sometimes the signs that you need an electrical contractor West Hollywood are readily apparent. Too few outlets that result in a heavy reliance of extension cords are clear indications that your home or business needs an electrical upgrade. Other signs of strain can be hidden behind walls or ceilings. According to the National Fire Protection Association, any of the following signs warrants a visit from an emergency electrician in West Hollywood:

  • Dimming or flickering lights
  • Persistent electrical burning smell
  • Warm or discolored outlets
  • Frequently tripping circuit breakers
  • Re-occurring issues with blown fuses

Whether operating a retail store on Santa Monica Boulevard or running an art gallery on Melrose Avenue, if you own a business in West Hollywood, you know that any electrical outage can adversely affect the bottom line. Finding a qualified commercial electrician in West Hollywood is challenging enough. Finding a master electrician that will respond quickly can be even harder. A&B’s 24 hour electrician services offer West Hollywood business owners peace of mind. We’ve enjoyed a reputation as a premier electrician in West Hollywood for 75 years.

Homes in West Hollywood undergoing remodels or renovation require electrical work that’s safe and that meets code requirements. From upgrading antiquated wiring to outdated fuse boxes, remodels offer opportunities to enhance your home and protect your investment. An A&B electrician West Hollywood can improve the security of your home as well, with a broad array of outdoor lighting solutions. Whatever electrical work that your home or business in West Hollywood requires, you can count on A&B’s reputation for fast, safe and efficient service.

We service the following zip codes in West Hollywood:

  • 90046
  • 90048
  • 90069