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Hot weather can put a damper on West Hollywood’s cool lifestyle, especially when your central AC cuts out. A broken air conditioner can leave you feeling as hot as one of the costumed characters posing outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on a sunny summer day. When your air conditioning system is malfunctioning, you want air conditioning repair West Hollywood that gets the job done and that gets it done fast.

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A&B’s AC experts have been delivering 24 hour AC repair since 1937, responding quickly and effectively whenever West Hollywood homeowners encounter issues with their cooling systems.If you haven’t added HVAC air conditioning because there’s no room for the ductwork needed for a forced-air system, A&B air conditioning services has the solution. A split ductless air conditioning system may be the ideal AC installation for your West Hollywood home. With a split AC system, the condenser is housed in an outdoor unit. A compressor pumps refrigerant through pipes to a non-ducted indoor air blower, a sleek, slim unit installed high on an interior wall. You’ll enjoy the comfort of a central air conditioning system without have to install ducts in your West Hollywood home.

Regular AC service can help prevent costly AC repair in West Hollywood and can keep your AC systems operating at peak efficiency, saving you money on energy bills. Regular maintenance from an A&B AC contractor goes beyond simply cleaning the system’s filters. Our experienced technicians offer complete AC service, including inspecting and cleaning coils, blowers and fans, lubricating motorized parts and verifying refrigerant pressure and operating temperatures. When you live in West Hollywood, CA air conditioning is a necessity.

Although West Hollywood residents are used to temperate weather, cold winter nights call for effective and efficient heating systems in the home as well. When your furnace is in need of attention, you can count on A&B for heating repair too. With 75 years of experience, A&B’s HVAC experts are skilled in both AC and heating service. Whether you need emergency heating or AC repair in West Hollywood or a new installation, you can count on A&B to meet all your HVAC needs proficiently and promptly.

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