A&B Services, Repairs & Installs All Plumbing

Out electronic pipe location and leak detection equipment is used to locate water, sewer, drain, and gas piping, electrical conduit and septic tanks. It doesn’t matter where – underground, within concrete slabs, or inside walls – we can find it. Leaks and breaks can be pinpointed along with it’s depth. This is accomplished with the use of transmitters, pipe energizers and microphones for optimum plumbing repair service.

No one responds more quickly than A&B. Usually the same morning or afternoon you call, we'll dispatch one of our experienced, knowledgeable plumbing contractors to the Los Angeles Area. A majority of the products and materials we use are of the highest quality. Many of the products are professional grade with enhanced features and warranties available to everyone in Los Angeles and the surrounding area.

Usually a problem that involves water piping, gas piping or sewer lines is of an emergency nature. There is a need for a fast response from a plumbing service as major damage to a home may be caused by any water or sewer leak, and, of course professional technicians with modern equipment are also needed. We are also qualified to service and repair Conventional water heaters and Tankless Water Heaters.

We use the latest equipment and tools to detect and repair any plumbing related problems. These include:

  • Electronic Leak Detection
  • In-Line Sewer cameras
  • In-Line Drain Cameras
  • Boiler equipment
  • Pool equipment
  • Spa Equipment
  • Slab Leaks Located

All our technicians are trained in the use of our advanced equipment guaranteeing quality work. Any slab leaks located behind or under a slab are detected and pinpointed with the use of the electronic leak detection device. Slab leaks repaired using these methods are much easier than in the past, making exploratory digging unnecessary and no water piping leaks go undetected.

Clogged sewers or drains are inspected using In-Line Sewer cameras or In-Line Drain Cameras that show the location and type of obstruction in the line. These electronic devices can also be used to inspect vent piping. Of course, we also repair or replace faucets, fixtures and waste disposals.

All types of pool equipment or spa equipment are available for repair and maintenance of a swimming pool or spa. If you're having problems with your plumbing Los Angeles, give us a call.