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We love the beach cities, and especially getting to serve as the plumber Redondo Beach trusts to handle all of its plumbing crises and needs. Whatever ever piping problems you may have, from the kitchen to the bathroom and everywhere in between, we’re here to make sure that the problem gets taken care of fast so that you can go back to enjoying life in the “gem of the continent.”

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For more than 77 years, A&B Plumbing has been serving Southern California, providing quality plumbing Redondo Beach residents have depended on for speedy, straightforward service—no games with us! Whether you’re experiencing problems with potable water, leaky pipes, a backed up garbage disposal, or something worse, we’re here for you!

A lot of plumbers Redondo Beach has just don’t give the same kind of service we do—and that’s what really sets us apart. Whatever time of day, we offer 24/7 emergency plumber services so that when a crisis happens, a pipe bursts, or something gets unexpectedly stuck, you don’t have to wait until a “more convenient” time for help. Our goal is to restore your peace of mind, and not let any further damage happen to your home or office caused by water damage, rusting, or the spread of bacteria.

Did you know that when washing machine plumbing breaks it’s more than a matter of not being able to wash your clothes? You’re actually exposing you and your family to potentially harmful bacteria, and that can then spread to other parts of your plumbing and home. The same goes with what starts as a simple clog in your garbage disposal. When you let problems like that persist, you’re doing long-term damage to your plumbing systems, which will ultimately cause more expensive repairs down the road.

From the Redondo Pier to the Whaling Wall, there’s no job too big, too small, or too complicated for us to tackle. We’ll keep your house as pretty and charming as Riviera Village, and make sure that when we leave, there’s not even a trace of a mess. Getting service from us will feel like taking a beach cruiser down the Strand.

When a leaky valve turns into a broken shower, toilet, or irrigation system, you know who to call: Redondo Beach plumbers who get it done right the first time. Instead of letting a leaking water heater turn into an even bigger mess, or faulty piping turn into rot, let our expert leak detection, quick-fix snakes, and certified top-notch plumbing team take care of it for you in a snap.

We’re fully bonded, licensed and insured, and our pricing is all up front: so right from the start you know that you’ll be getting a Redondo Beach plumber who doesn’t mess around. We pride ourselves in being straightforward, reliable and local. So when you have a problem, there’ll be a plumber in Redondo Beach in no time.

Don’t trust the Redondo beach plumbers that are just looking to rack up hours of service fees, don’t fix the problem right on the first time, and will keep you waiting for hours. When a plumbing problem comes, the last thing you need to worry about is who will fix it. Give A&B a call today, and see how we can fix your broken pipes, sinks, and other fixtures today.

We service the following zip codes in Redondo:

  • 90277
  • 90278